First of all thank you for your confidence in our team to maintain your engine!

It is now time to take all precautions so that travel under the best conditions - even your engine down to the value and it is fragile

At this stage we encourage you to do a meticulous files - better to lose now than 2 minutes to 2 hours winding - do not be tempted to try for yourself the cause of failure is often the best way to go next.

drain all liquids - locate your wiring - store screws & brackets after tracking - seal up the hose disconnected

If you belong to a club do not hesitate to make a case that can be used with other fellow pilots - Adopt-a dimension that can be used for all types engines consider the size of the gear & sometimes the starter -

In terms of technique:

the ideal is to build the crate bottom with a 1 / 2 range for example - the package is so mechanized, it is always better to avoid it falling or is turned upside down ...

The fund will be made of wood - cons Plated 16mm - firmly attached to the pallet.

Concerning the dimensions allow 10 cm minimum around including on top

Choose an opening system with screws or hinges - no nails, hard to remove the body quickly deteriorates -

Inside you planned stowage effectively for the engine - for example straps - & possibly jam


What to put in this beautiful box!

The engine of course

But also 1 or 2 carburetor (s) and fuel pump

Possibly gearbox and starter according to the planned work

Attach a note showing your name address and telephone - the history of the engine - known number of hours, any failures, all helpful comments during the realization of the estimate -

Note: DO NOT JOIN: any bracket unnecessary engine or radiator, exhaust

On the case affix a label with your address & ours

8 bis, rue Louis Blériot

just call us for the removal of the package by calling us on 03 82 56 63 71 and wait for the carrier

Note: Choose an address or you are sure that someone will be present during working hours and the 24 / 48 h after the application for removal.

                                                 ---->                            ---->                 

therefore we take care of the rest we will contact you to inform you of the quote - it is better to avoid confusion of having a single interlocutor -

THE COUNCIL LORAVIA: Enjoy the immobilization of your aircraft to verify the silent-block engines - the condition of hoses - the presence of cracks on the engine mount ....


             Excuse us for translation errors - thank you for the report