Spark plug NGK Iridium for 914

Spark plug NGK Iridium for  914
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top quality spark plugs for  engine 914 115 CV

Iridium NGK spark plugs use the most advanced technical solution on the market. They have a thin tip of Iridium on the central electrode, laser welded by a particular process Iridium is a precious metal and one of the strongest materials in the world. It begins to melt from 2450 ° C and is particularly resistant to electrical erosion created by the spark.


     Recommended change every 400 hours
     Always change the 8 spark plug at the same time
     Use the threaded grease, it will facilitate the next disassembly and preserve the threads of your cylinder heads!

Price: 15.00 € VAT Incl.
text_weight 40.00 g
Manufacturer: NGK®